Ledbury Hunt and South Shropshire Joint Meet: 15th January 2016

Well, following on from last week’s events with the quadbike and the shit, we were ready to post something up about the Ledbury’s high turnover of terriermen and write about terrierwork. Lately they don’t seem to have been turning any over, just piling more on top and we’ve ended up with about 8 people who will get involved in dig-outs, etc. whether they’re official terriermen or not.

And then we went back out with the Ledbury today, with our very good friends from Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch and there were some new boys out on a quad. Not masked up. We’d briefly mentioned some hunt support apologising to us in last week’s report and today we were stopped early on by supporters saying that they had complained to the hunt committee about what was happening! It was also very much appreciated when hunt officials also apologised to the sab who had been assaulted. We may be on different sides when it comes to hunting, but hopefully many of us can agree that there’s no need for that kind of shit! tongue emoticon

The men involved in the usual bad behaviour were spotted in various vehicles during the day, so they were still around, but not on quadbikes. We shall see how long they can go without their usual mischief for…

We had the ‘pleasure’ of Otis Ferry’s company as he was hunting hounds for the day and the hounds picked up soon after leaving the meet in Woolridge Wood near to Hartpury (once again, Glos cull zone territory). A fox was spotted crossing the busy A417 and his line was covered. A muntjac, roe deer, various hares and another fox were spotted soon after, running from the pack on the other side of the road after hounds had crossed. This fox hid up in a covert, helped by sabs who covered his scent too. Through Hartpury and Ashleworth, a long chase took place up into the Limbury Hill area and we lost them for some time before catching up again and keeping a watchful eye on them.

Brilliant teamwork once again with CIHW – always nice to meet up, whether at the Ledbury or the Beaufort.

If you can help either of our groups financially, let us know by chucking a few quid this way – we’ll pass on any monies CIHW need to them too: Paypal

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