Ross Harriers kill pet cat: 20th February 2016

Hereford Times article

Anna’s quote includes the words “and their cat died” which, to be honest, is a massive understatement. But, hey, the hunt apologised, so that’s alright then… Our hearts go out to these people. Please consider helping out Hay Cat Rescue, mentioned in the article, who do important work re-homing cats and kittens and who, like many rescues, rely totally on donations – and, in this case, are looking for someone to take over running the rescue due to the worsening health of the woman who currently runs it.

Note: the Ross Harriers hunt hare and foxes. However, Tim Bonner once claimed that “before the ban the Ross Harriers hunted hare” (when now ex-terriermen of the hunt James Smith, Jack Hudd and ‘Dylan’ Hill were convicted of having a bagged fox on them last year the hunt quickly dropped them and distanced themselves from the incident). Trail-hunting is supposed to stay as close to ‘traditional’ hunting (for when the Act is repealed…) so lines should be laid along the same routes the hunted animal would have taken. When hunting hare, a hunt would try to pick up in fields and hedgerows. Why lay a trail in a wood?

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