End of Season(ish)

So this end-of-season lark isn’t feeling very end-of-seasony as even though our regular packs have now packed up (the South Here being the latest this season and who finished on Saturday) we’ve teamed up with good friends and allies Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch again and visited the Beaufort Hunt on Saturday (whilst other 3C sabs met up with the fantastic North Shrops Sabs for the South).

Then we were back out with CIHW yesterday to keep an eye on the VWH who usually finish in early April. Busy busy. We’re also now looking for more information from any locals regarding their last meet of the season last Wednesday as it has been reported that they killed 2 deer and lost control of much of the pack of hounds for quite some time.

Additionally, it seems David Redvers and the Ledbury will not take up the challenge regarding the fox body (if it was shot, our friend will pay £1000 to the Air Ambulance, if killed by dogs, they pay it). So watch this space as the video and PM results will be up soon.

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