PCC Elections today!

Just a reminder not to vote Conservative in Gloucestershire’s Police Crime Commissioner election today. The photos below are of an ‘artificial earth’ on land where the Ledbury hunt on the Forthampton estate. Will Windsor-Clive, the Conservative PCC candidate is the Ledbury Hunt Chairman.

A sab photographed and filmed Ledbury Hunt terriermen attempting to get to the artificial this February – they turned and ran when they realised they’d been seen. The artificial pictured looks very clean for something that shouldn’t have been used since 2004. We’re not sure if Windsor-Clive is blissfully unaware of what his organisation get up or is entirely involved…

Whichever candidate wins today’s election, the need for sabbing and monitoring will remain. But is Windsor-Clive really the right person to be in charge of police budgets and holding officers to account when his own organisation is involved in law-breaking?

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