It’s getting busier…

We’re in the last weeks of ‘freedom’ before it all kicks off again with the hunts out cub-hunting (article coming soon) and the cull likely to start soon too. It feels like the season didn’t finish as we’ve been doing a lot of work regarding the hunts over the last few months and the cull certainly feels year-round with preparation and monitoring going on almost daily. It makes us stronger, so it’s worth it!

We were in the fields for 5 days solid last week sett surveying in what will probably be roll-out areas and also happen to be areas where we sab’ so we’re gaining lots of useful information for the future to protect wildlife. The setts that we found had been blocked some time ago and we’re near pheasant pens. They looked healthy enough though. Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch, who we help out in that area, were also out.

On Saturday we did a talk on the badger cull at the Milton Keynes vegan fair. This was superbly organised and we noted that many local people were coming in to enjoy the food and music. We hope that our fellow sabs – Beds and Bucks – did well, they seemed to be inundated on their stall by those enquiring!

Yesterday we did a skill share in conjunction with Gloucestershire Badger Office covering subjects including map reading, cub-hunting, the badger cull, police liason, legal stuff and radio comms. Thankyou to all who attended and to Outpaced, freebeagles, Zed 16 and our new police liason person for the Gloucs cull. We will be organising more skill shares after the badger cull so watch this space.

Just about to get back into the field to find more setts. Please get involved if you can in fighting the cull. There is a job for everyone just get in touch with the zone nearest you, or where you would like to go or feel you will be most effective and your help will be most welcome. If you can’t get to a zone, map your own area, or work from home by sharing posts, re-tweeting and ‘All That Kind Of Stuff’. We are facing a massive challenge with cub hunting (along with sett blocking) and the badger cull starting in the next few weeks. Time to dust off those boots, pack the tent, and start preparing.

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