4th October: CVFH

We had a late-night tip-off about the Cotswold Vale Farmers’ Hunt (so much for that lie-in we were hoping for having been out in the killing fields of the badger cull zone!)

We headed over to Aston Crews, in the Glos cull zone, where the hunt met so that we could ensure that huntsman Simon French had his hounds under control for once. We caught them drawing Haygrove, ‘Wildlife Habitat’ signs all around the place. Hounds picked up on a scent on a few occasions and sabs managed to distract at least half of the pack, meaning that Simon got all flustered and moved the pack on repeatedly. When they bothered to listen to him.

We had a very good friend out with us today who wanted to see what it was all about and he kept asking them about their illegal hunting activities and their understanding of the Hunting Act.

Now we’re not into giving the hunt tips on how to hunt properly, but we find it somewhat embarrassing to go out with a hunt that is so incompetent in many ways, especially when we’ve brought a mate out with us. So, in the spirit of sharing information…

1. Scenting conditions are much better in the fog, so it would be best to have started earlier on in the morning (then again Simon gets even more flustered and lost in the mist, so it’s probably for the best that he waited til it lifted).
2. It doesn’t make much sense to wait until the sun is out around 10am, warming up the place, to draw beet fields as the likelihood of successfully picking up a scent is much lower…
3. When hounds do pick up on a scent, as a huntsman one is supposed to encourage them on. For more than 10 seconds. Even when the antis are trying to distract the hounds elsewhere. In fact, especially when antis are attempting to do so. Giving up at this point and moving the hounds away makes one look weak. Learn to be assertive!

It got to the point where our mate made a public apology to hunt staff regarding his accusation about illegal hunting: ‘I would like to apologise for my earlier accusation that you were illegally hunting. You’ve obviously forgotten how to do it’.

This all comes after Saturday’s shameful show when sabs found the pack loose on an A-road and had to try and get them to safety with hunt supporters asking sabs what the hell was going on.

We wondered then and we continue to wonder now how long dear Simon will last for in the hunt, how long it’ll be before they give him the sack. There are a number of people, pro- and anti-hunt, already placing unofficial bets on the matter.

So, if you’re feeling left out of the fun, we’re setting up a fundraiser-competition. To join in and have the opportunity to win a set of our greetings cards all you need to do is to paypal us £1 along with a date you think he’ll be told to leave and a way for us to contact you. You can donate and place a bet as many times as you like. The winner will be announced when the day in question comes around.


Cheltenham Veggie Fair 2016

Cheltenham Veggie Fair 2016

We’ll be seeing the hunt again soon, so keep an eye on our page and we’ll keep you updated on our actions

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