14th November: Ledbury Hunt

The Ledbury met at Hollin’s Farm, Pauntley yesterday Monday 14th November 2016. Sabs were in attendance first thing sett checking in what is part of the Gloucestershire badger cull zone to make sure that they were not sett blocking. We were in prime position as the hunt moved off watching them draw blank in Collin Park wood. They then rioted on a hare but stopped the hounds quickly showing that they can do it if they so wish. Several smaller coverts and a field of roots at Pauntley Court were drawn before they crossed the road and headed north drawing blank again and again with a foot sab having very little to do except keep a watchful eye. After Ryton Coppice and Cobhill Rough they did start hunting as it turned dark but then called hounds back.

We are also getting some really good intel from members of the public phoning in hunts and what is really great is that people are taking cameras out and using their initiative in challenging hunts. We can’t get to every meet we are given but the information can be passed on to other groups and local activists as well as anti hunt landowners. Please keep the info coming in.

Our group is out 3-5 days a week during the hunting season and that is on top of a gruelling 7 solid weeks of cull sabbing where we were out every day and night (Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and North Cotswold zones) and an entire summer of sett surveying across 3 different cull zones. If you can help us our paypal account is paypal.me/threecountiessabs and we appreciate every penny that people have donated since we formed a group in 2012. Thankyou for your continued support!

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