15th November: CVFH

Tuesday 15th November 2016 and still in the Gloucestershire cull zone we sabbed the Cotswold Vale Farmer’s hunt from Norton. At Norton hill we ran into the gruesome twosome hunt stewards from the Bicester and Whaddon Chase hunt whose cutting wit and ermmmm “humour” kept us entertained all day……not!

As these 2 well known sab groupies tried to push one small female sab in a ditch hounds hunted a fox in front of car sab and other foot sab who managed to halt them with use of gizmo and holloaing. Jason Warner MFH was sprouting some nonsense about how his horse was frightened in order to mask some very dodgy goings on with a man with a sack hiding in the woods and some known miscreants (who also happen to be involved in the badger cull) trying to cover up for him by saying that he was answering the call of nature. The sack was found later……but they’d put a log in it to try and wind us up. Nick Hodges, terrier man, spotter for badger shooters and ex-police officer (left Glos pol under a dark cloud….so it is said) was also lurking about. The hunt ran away and packed up leaving us with the Bicester boys trying to find all sab vehicles and boasting about how they have tried to intimidate elderly hunt monitors.

Well done to the Bicester Boys for being at their most incompetent today, hardly sticking with us at all in land, getting flustered when asked to push us around and then managing to push us away from the footpath – there’s a local landowner unhappy with the hunt now because of you guys – thank you to the lady who understood why one sab had to traipse down the side of her garden having being forced to go that way by Tommy boy!

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