Quadbikes – the rules

We feel the need to put up some ‘clarification’ posts in response to some silly questions / accusations we are often faced with. This one is in regards to quadbikes and the law (this often applies to terriermen and various hunt followers who use quadbikes on and off road) and the issue will be dealt with in a series of screenshots taken from HSE and gov.uk information… If they’re not that clear to read, you can check out the following links for the info

Government Info: Quad Bikes – The Rules

HSE Advice: Quad Bikes

In short, if you’re saying you don’t need a reg plate because it’s an agricultural quadbike, you should only be moving from one bit of land to another, not following the hunt all day with passengers, otherwise you need a reg plate and insurance. Additionally, having passengers when you’re not supposed to carry any makes handling harder on the ATV and you should also avoid speeding up quickly, turning hard and so on. So you’re basically putting us and the public at risk by not adhering to ‘the rules’.

(p.s. manufacturers even make nice picture stickers to clearly show what they mean, you don’t even have to read the rules!)

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