11th February – Cotswold Hunt

So whilst some sabs were at the Ledbury one of us joined Cirencester Illegal Huntwatch at Salperton Park where the Cotswold were meeting. This really is the land of Mordor…where the shadows lie. This is within the North Cotswold cull zone and in August a highly illegal raptor trap was found on the estate, a few days later gamekeeper’s wife Rachel Cooper was filmed checking where it was….nice. It is also rumoured that David Cameron, former PM shoots here….

Anyway we were in the field before 06.00 in almost blizzard conditions looking for anyone out sett blocking, thanks to those who came out. As yet no blocked setts have been found which is odd. Odder still was that they actually went out on horses but hey ho. As this is the land of Mordor we had lots of orcs out in a blue Izuzu V018NFH who actually thought that they could intimidate us. At one stage they threw one of CIHW’s cameras on the floor in a fit of pique and we are all hags, peeeedoes and some other stuff which is too pervy to print here.

At one stage the hounds were very busy trying to get into brambles at the old Quarry just north of Salperton village and they were so defensive that even their own followers were misidentified as sabs. Funny enough the orc boys were being very obnoxious and started assaulting us on the public road with one even standing in front of the driver’s door so she couldn’t get in her car. One 14 year old called Ben (who was sporting a very distinctive red face covering) was very keen to push into one small female egged on by his older comrades.

The hunt left rapidly…..20 minutes later they were back, so were we…..20 minutes later there they were lurking about so were we so off they went again.

Very cold, long, miserable day. One consolation was many of the Heythrop crowd were seen out with them as well so they must have cancelled or it was a joint meet. Either way one less hunt out.

This was the first day that we had our new cameras out courtesy of the Hunt Saboteur’s Association so thankyou to them.

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