1st April – VWH

Last day of the season. Report to follow. This is one of the ones that got away. 7 long months of the 2016/17 season now over in this area, alas the badger cull means we are in the field tomorrow sett surveying… sigh…

From our friends in Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch:

“I know that what I saw today will stay with me the rest of my life. One moment that beautiful creature was in front of me running for his life, and the next I was looking at his blood soaking into the ground.”

The VWH had killed one fox, been stopped from hunting another by sabs and then were stopped from hunting this one. The hounds were called off by the staff when we made it clear we were there.By the way the VWH finish well into April meaining that any lactating vixen killed will leave behind cubs who starve to death.

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