9th March 2018 – Ledbury Hunt

Hill Farm, Hasfield. An early morning check revealed one freshly blocked sett which has been reported. Moving off after a speech from David Redvers they drew a blank first and as predicted went all over the place, Corse Grove, Haw bridge, Tirley. They hunted a fox up Corse Hill. We intervened at Yew Tree farm when a fox came runnning with hounds close behind managing to stop the pack, they left that one be. Then over to Tweenhills and up Catsbury Hill, over towards Limbury Hill, Rudford and then (just as we thought it was home time they decided to draw the duck shoot at Maismore, blank thank goodness!

Hounds were noted on 2 badger setts, neither of which had been blocked… for a change! NB this is the West Gloucs badger cull zone.

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