15th February ’19 – Ledbury Hunt

*** 4 blocked badger setts, huntsman blatantly encouraging hounds onto a fox, threats and vandalism ***

The day started pleasantly enough with the gentleman who usually collects the car cap trying his luck with us again… alas he did not suceed in his quest. A less polite, in fact a somewhat strange individual, came up to the car and threatened us a bit later…

At Hill End the hounds did start to pick up in front of us. To our suprise the huntsman Mark Melladay suddenly rode off leaving some bewildered hounds behind!

They then went into their favourite haunt… the Stanks and later crossed over to the Queenshill area where they repeatedly trespassed just a few weeks ago. We had found 4 blocked setts by the time they started drawing Long Covert.

Hounds were clearly being encouraged on and a fox broke covert, running through Heath Hill Farm. Mark nearly rode into one sab’ and the barbed wire fence behind them. We sadly did not get there in time to stop them and could not call them back and Mark continued to encourage them on…

Thankyou to the lovely sab from Bristol Hunt Saboteurs who joined us today.

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