2nd March ’19 – Worcestershire Hunt

*** 3 blocked setts at the Worcestershire hunt ***

Saturday 2nd March 2019
Worcestershire Hunt
Lower Bentley Farm
Near Redditch

The car is poorly but the buses still run, and kindly folk give lifts and so one of us turned up to keep an eye on the Worcestershire hunt in an area of concern – we have been told that setts in the general area are at risk.

Huntsman Roderick Wilson was seen drawing a covert near to the meet; sure enough a freshly blocked sett with quad bike tracks next to it was found! Another 2 setts were also found to be blocked during the meet. A very healthy latrine found in a very strange shape.

All documented, passed on to local badger groups and West Mercia police informed of the breaches of the 1992 Badger Act, all of which are criminal offences in their own right and evidential re: the fact that the Worcestershire are hunting foxes and breaching the Hunting Act too.

The entire field were addressed regarding “unwelcome guests” and to mind their Ps and Qs. They then ran away… all in all as though they were a bit nervous about being caught out. Many miles covered today – around 12 on foot.

Please continue to support us and please do help Worcestershire Against the cull with sett surveying…

… as we expect the cull here later this year. Our paypal link is paypal.me/threecountiessabs

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