9th March ’19 – Heythrop Hunt

*** several blocked setts around Heythrop meet * hunt trespassed into Chipping Norton sewage works ***

Saturday 9th March 2019
Heythrop Hunt

3C sab’ and independent sabs/monitors…

We found 3 blocked setts as we arrived in the area of Oxfordshire that the Heythrop met in today. Local villagers had already found and reported others to Thames Valley Police.

All in all it was blatant fox hunting around Sarsden, Churchill and Cornwell until around 6pm. We are not quite sure what they were all doing in the out-of-bounds Chipping Norton Sewage Works near Cornwell Hill Farm but we suspect it did not involve anything good. Obviously not a trail there… Good to note that foxes often run over smelly things to evade hounds so manure heaps, past bonfires, through sheep etc etc.

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