22nd October ’19: Croome and West Warwickshire Hunt

We kennel-watched the Cotswold Vale early morning but they did not head out. As we were having a chat about where to try looking for the Croome, we received a call about them going up Bredon Hill (and onto the Overbury Estate, somewhere we are very active in fighting the badger cull).

The hunt tried to shake us by going a long way round a field and across a track but we didn’t fall for it and found them hunting soon after – and as can be seen from the photo a fox and a deer ran to safety, their line sprayed with citronella (and a couple of inquisitive hounds told off so they did not follow). Another sab was able to easily rate back hounds that were picking up on some other deer.

Ben (huntsman) and Simon (whipper-in) legged it uphill, only to find that we are pretty persistant and know the area well. Once again they tried to shake us but we anticipated their moves and intercepted them.

Pack-up soon followed, after what was basically a lovely ride / hike in the sun on the hills. We did check inland south of the meet to ensure they hadn’t just headed out the other side to hunt more. Sett-checking afterwards as the cull is ongoing. This area is also known to have snares on it, so we looked out for any loose hounds off the tracks.

Please continue to support us: like and share our page and posts, raise awareness with us, chuck us a few quid for fuel via paypal.me/threecountiessabs. Information is essential. Without the call this morning we’d be unlikely to find them by chance!

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