30th October ’19 – North Cotswold Hunt

*** sabs rate hounds off fox * hunt member rides quadbike at locals watching hunt ***

It’s been quite a week already (and will continue to be busy – watch this space!) and sabs were out yesterday, up early for the Cotswold Vale Farmers who cancelled due to the waterlogged ground, so we checked setts from Monday’s meets of hunts who we were unable to attend.

Today saw us up and out for the North Cotswold Hunt as we got a call from a local telling us that they had seen them out in the country they share with the Warwickshire. We were out elsewhere but as one sab went to get the vehicle, the guys who had called picked up the other sab and took her to the hunt! Interested in what the hunt were up to, they went inland with our sab and were treated to a proper introduction to the NCH… fox chased up the hill, hounds on the scent, sab yelling instructions on spraying the line and rating the hounds, Guy Fitzearle shouting ridiculous accusations and a hunt member on a quadbike riding at them to try to intimidate them.

Second sab arrived in the vehicle and was surrounded by terriermen and hunt members, asking if there was ‘anything decent to nick’ and trying to play with the tyres and back doors… with the locals keeping an eye on the hunt from Mickleton Churchyard where a cub was chased and our sab inland rating hounds off another cub, sab driver was present when the pack ran up a nearby road with no one ready to slow traffic as all hunt staff were inland calling the hounds to them – not a clever idea when you have no idea where they are and if you’re calling them across roads, railway lines, etc! Other locals later mentioned stray hounds in the village… not a surprise when hound control is left ‘to chance’.

Sett-checking occurred after the hunt packed up just after 1pm, an artificial earth and nearby sett (and rabbit warren!) all found blocked – more on that soon – followed by picking up some lovely hitch-hiking tourists and heading home for dinner and plotting ;)

One of our cameras has finally given up after 3 seasons of absolute abuse, mud, torrential rain and grabby hunt supporters. If you can help us to buy a new one or contribute towards fuel costs, chuck us a few quid at paypal.me/threecountiessabs (or like and share our page and posts!)

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