12th November ’19 – CVFH

It seems that while we were in Worcestershire today (more on why soon) the Cotswold Vale Farmers’ Hunt were (unsurprisingly) causing mischief around Huntley and Lea. We’ve had a few reports in about them this afternoon…

No warnings to locals (probably because you can’t accurately predict where a hunted fox will run) and riding close and, apparently, on to the busy A40 (again because they weren’t following an artificial scent… or if they claim they were doing so what’s their excuse for trespass and putting road users in danger?)

Check out Horse & Hound or Bailey’s hunting directories… the CVFH are listed under fox hunts. Not drag hunts. They pretend to lay trails. They do not.

If you have any information about the CVFH please contact us anytime, anonymously if you want, on our 24/7 tip-off line: 07891 639803

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