7th March ’20 – NCH

The North Cotswold Hunt killed today…

Despite having around 8 stalkers (some of whom were masked up) following our sab driver, playing loud music and jumping in the way of her filming, she was still able to film hunt staff, hounds and terriermen at the site of the kill and also evidenced hounds on the line of another fox later in the day who went to ground in a badger sett.

It is only due to hard work put in by our group against badger sett blocking that far fewer setts are blocked by our hunts these days and why foxes like that one are able to escape into them. We always check on the setts after, sometimes putting up trail cams and checking on them again the following day to ensure no dig out has taken place – we have just checked and the sett is untampered with and looking fantastic. Locals are keeping an eye on it and others nearby.

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