28th October 2020 – Cotswold Hunt

Turkdean, Children’s meet

Predictably several terriermen turned up in a particular wood to do something darstadly to an active badger sett (a sett that has been dug out and blocked repeatedly). They ran away very fast as sabs approached, then, lo and behold, 5 minutes later huntsman Lloyd Heard arrived with the hounds, spent 5 minutes there and left.

We caught up with them to find another badger sett with some entrances blocked by stones. The hunt were trying to get back a young hound it seemed for most of the time.

Another sett was found to be dug out which we think happened some time ago but other entrances were freshly blocked with hound paw prints on others.

Yet another sett with spade marks freshly blocked.

Another completely destroyed some weeks ago, not by the hunt we do not think but by the nearby Salperton estate where birds were being blasted to pieces today and where we found a raptor trap in the summer of 2016.

This is Gloucestershire badger cull zone 9 – the supplementary cull continues here and 4 out of 5 setts checked had been tampered with . One we prevented them from doing anything. This is a war on wildlife for nothing more than amusement.

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