30th December 2020 – North Cotswold Hunt

It was a day of pretty much what the NCH usually do on Boxing day… first draw was Lidcombe woods where a whistle was repeatedly heard signaling the sighting of a fox. They hunted to Stanton then back up to Slatepits. A badger sett was found where the hounds had marked the fox to ground but no signs of a digout.
Hunted around Bourne’s Folly too.

Oliver Dale, huntsman and joint master, the thought it would be a really good idea to draw a Brussels sprouts field at 16.30. That fox was hunted back to the Slatepits where we think they lost him.

The NCH have kennels in Worcestershire so now tier 3 but every hunt meet has Gloucestershire bits (tier 4) so we think they are pretty much grounded. As Lloyd Heard was out from the Cotswold we know they won’t have been out today and are also now in tier 4. Heythrop are also grounded. That leaves us with the Ledbury (Monday and Friday), Croome (Tuesday and Saturday) and Worcestershire (Wednesday and Saturday)who will probably still hunt foxes until Worcestershire goes into tier 4 or there is a national lockdown or a proclamation from the Hunting Office stopping them.

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