4th December 2020 – Ledbury Hunt

*** 5 blocked badger setts * hunt all over main road * Covid laws breached by 60 riders all bunched up together * fox escapes as sabs intervene to stop hounds ***

Thankyou so much to a sab from Mendip Hunt Sabs for joining us. First port of call was to unblock a sett near the meet. They hunted through the fields and villages around Longdon and the mounted field were observed all bunching together en masse.

NB hunting foxes for sport is not an exempt activity re Covid regulations as it is a criminal offence. We are in Tier 2 and with at least 5 blocked setts in the vicinity they were not even attempting to hide the fact that they were fox hunting.

At Long Covert a large fox broke covert and sabs sprayed liberal amounts of citronella to cover his scent and then rate hounds back. They did lift the pack and hunt him but he ran back and they checked when sabs had sprayed and seemed to lose him.

They ended up in the Stanks and did not seem to do much there. Edward Philippson Stowe, the master in charge today, was not a happy bunny to find sabs present at the last draw. They finished as it got dark.

People were contacting us today to tell us that the Ledbury were out. THANKYOU!

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