4th November 2020 – Worcestershire Hunt

*** blatant hunting of 2 foxes * blocked badger sett * 90 riders out on eve of lockdown with no social distancing * hounds trespass through gardens ***

Worcestershire Hunt Opening Meet

Bradley Green area, 10am

Exhausted after 3 days sabbing in a row pre lockdown so this will be a short report.

Whistles were heard through the day when those on point saw foxes and this started just after 10am (an hour earlier than normal).

Around 90-100 mounted field all huddled together.

One freshly blocked badger sett found.

At Goosehill a fox ran past one sab’. Once safely past his line was sprayed and the sab positioned themselves to rate the pack if necessary.

Astonishingly 2 riders arrived dragging a hunting whip with a rag on it EXACTLY where the fox had been seen running! When the hounds came after the fox the sab rated them back successfully, i.e stopping them from hunting, only for one of the riders to throw her toys about and try and bully the sab who was actually on a footpath. Sadly the hounds were lifted and were once again hunting the fox around a chicken farm. “Aye, aye, aye ” and whistles were heard, we do not know their fate.

Then a call to Earl’s Common by a dog walker. A fox ran past and hounds rated again, the hounds were held up by that and stock fencing. Terriermen were filmed lifting it up to get them after that fox. Villagers have been in touch to say that hounds ran through their gardens after that fox. Hounds chased him up past Digging wood but we did hear that a very exhausted fox returned back through past the houses. The hunt went home.

No hunting now for at least 4 weeks so some rest now and catch up time.

The supplementary badger culls continue, however as does the continual persecution of all wild beings.

Please keep safe and look after the birds, check setts on daily exercise if possible.

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