Hunting Leaks share minutes from ‘This is Hunting UK’ meeting

The bits we found most interesting:

– Johnathon Seed (currently running for Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner, and who claimed not to have hunted in the last decade) noted as a Mid-southwest regional coordinator of the group

– one hunt representative stated that they had decided to move with the times as there was too much confusion over whether the aim should be to fight for repealing the Hunting Act or focus on trail hunting. They stated that antis turned up to their meets but stopped when it was clear that they were in fact following trails, going against the popular hunt claim that we sabotage hunts regardless of whether they’re chasing live animals…

– the “discovery of maladministration” and “issues with the MFHA” (Masters of Foxhounds Association) were interesting points, including the taking of £7000 of funds by ‘a colleague’ (including money raised for a child’s memorial) without authorisation

– TiHUK were upset about “being treated with a degree of contempt” by the MFHA who they claim did not think hunting would actually be banned. Lee Peters wanted more transparency from the organisation, Ian Smith accused them of being “too scared” to rebut accusations from sabs and monitors and argued to “forget them and forge on alone”. There was also a feeling of dissent regarding guidelines for how TiHUK should operate, which the MFHA came up with in an earlier meeting in July 2018

– good to know that attendees were feeling disillusioned regarding the extent of effort needed to rebut accusations made against hunts by sabs and monitors – “it would take an office full of full-time people to rebut all the social media attacks on hunting”. Maybe the hunts should just move with the times and, you know, stop breaking laws / stop killing wildlife…

We also like the idea of TiHUK’s new tagline being “promoting the positive side of hunting and the countryside” as it shows that they’re aware that there are negatives and, more importantly, that they would not be discussing or allowing talk of such negatives…

The full document can be viewed at this link:

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