3rd December ’21 – Ledbury Hunt

Ledbury Town Council made the decision on Thursday night to allow the Ledbury to continue with their Boxing day meet. This morning one of us was on BBC Hereford and Worcester as were Ledbury Anti Fox Hunt. From the hunt Joint Master Edward Phillipson Stow tried to gaslight everyone by saying that they were following a trail, that they employed several “professional trail layers” and so forth… (not that we have ever seen). Bizarrely there were concerns that if there was no hunt that every shop in Ledbury would go bankrupt as well as “tradition”.

Well, fox hunting traditions stem from the Norman invasion in 1066 and have been enjoyed by generations of those who have crapped all over human rights, been slavers and oppressors. Maybe it is time for a much older tradition, one that goes much further back, one where we view our own species as one of many, part of the natural world with responsibilities and obligations to one another and all living beings. To not regard other sentients as something to use, abuse, discard and obliterate.

To our knowledge no one is protesting about drag and clean boot hunts so maybe the Ledbury should have a think about that…

The meet in Forthampton was confirmed and a sab checked a sett that is always blocked and indeed it was once again with fresh bootprints and spade marks. The hunt were found drinking port which probs helped them to listen to Edward’s speech about sticking together, about being under pressure and instilling the horror of no hunt meet in Ledbury for them. Spooked indeed due to a local campaign and fb page something to be noted by anyone else who wants to do something to stop hunts getting away with fox hunting.

There was some too’ing and fro’ing in the fields before they moved on to Chaceley Hole where a fox ran past a sab. The hunt went elsewhere ending up messing about in the wood pile at Town Street farm yet again. An early finish at 15.30. Two local activists read about the hunt on fb and came out to help. Another local person was also out filming.

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