19th January ’22 – Worcestershire Hunt

One of our sabs found 2 very recently blocked badger setts near the hunt meet. Fresh spade marks and big boot prints could be seen in the spoil. West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs arrived and found the hunt near Wolverton, three tyres were slashed on their vehicle with a knife and whilst some waited for the recovery vehicle, 2 of us went off to continue to keep and eye on the hunt.

This was just as well because near Preston Bagot church a fox was hunted through some gardens and escaped into a hole. Sabs being present as the hounds marked to ground meant that he was not dug out nor was he bolted to be hunted again. Roderick Wilson, huntsman, packed up just before 16.00 after this incident. Huge thanks to those who rang us today telling us where the hunt had gone.

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