21st January ’22 – 3C car tyres slashed

*** Sab vehicle damaged overnight – 4 tyres slashed ***

Update: thank you so much to our supporters, we appreciate the lovely messages, the shares and the donations. You’re all amazing!

On Wednesday West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs had 3 tyres slashed at the Worcestershire Hunt while we were sabbing them. As one of us was also at the meet it is possible that someone associated with this hunt was responsible.

West Midland have photos of those suspected to have slashed their tyres on their social media pages.The estimated cost of replacing the tyres is £270 and we are unlikely to be back on the road until next week. We would really appreciate some help with the cost of the repairs, either financially or by sharing this post.

Our link is PayPal.me/threecountiessabs

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