22nd January ’22 – Cotswold Hunt

“You’re like Covid-19, you get everywhere!”

Nothing super exciting to report from Saturday’s outing, so we’ll summarise it like so…

– hunt met in Hazelton village and headed straight to Hazelton Grove from the meet, where the pack picked up on a fox

– fox ran through a sheep field and a field where a number of hares had been running, helping to disrupt the scent somewhat

– foot team inland relayed hunt’s position to other foot team and driver while hunt rider reported our claim to have the fox on camera

– pack rioted on hare soon after right by the A40 (meaning they accidentally pick up the scent of a hare instead of a fox)

– we caught up with the hunt inland near Turkdean, where they avoided coverts which they knew we had been checking setts in

– numerous deer, hares and birds were disrupted during the day while the hunt circled round and went back to coverts they’d just passed by 30mins before (unhappy that foot sabs kept popping up at them regardless)

– we also learned that misogyny is mistaken for “being a gentleman” in this area…

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