Hunts in the Three Counties

Some of the following hunts cover more than one county / also hunt in Wales, some are covered by other groups and some we meet up with others to go to. We are not the only group in the three counties who sab or monitor hunts and so any information passed on to us about any of the hunts below will be shared with and / or passed on to the relevant groups.

We understand the importance of anonymity for people passing on information to us, whether it is because they live within a community who do not know that they are anti-hunt or because they are part of a hunt themselves. We would list some cases studies as examples of when we have dealt with such incidences in a professional, confidential way, but that would defeat the point…

Hunts written in bold italics are those that are our most regular packs. Contact us with information on 07891 639803 and via threecountiessabs[at] – exchange the [at] for @ to send us a message




Cotswold Vale Farmers’

Golden Valley

North Cotswold

Croome and West Warwickshire




South Herefordshire – these have now unofficially joined with the Ledbury Hunt (above) since being investigated for animal cruelty

Duke of Beaufort’s


North Herefordshire



North Ledbury

Vale of the White Horse (VWH)

Radnor and West Hereford

Teme Valley


Albrighton and Woodland



Beagle and Harrier Packs:

Royal Agricultural Beagles (RAC)

Ross Harriers

Severn Vale

Dummer Beagles


Monmouthshire & Valley

Wyre Forest


Basset Hounds

Leadon Vale




Three Counties

Teme Valley


Hunt Maps

Hounds Off interactive map
BBC Map from 1999
Baily’s Hunting Directory