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An injury to one is an injury to all!

Aberdeen City Arts Board (A.C.A.B.) in association with Aberdeen Anarchists & The Shared Planet Society Presents:  The Autumn Series. No.2 “The Industrial Workers of the World.” Dek Keenan is an organiser and key member of the Industrial Workers of the … Continue reading

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Revolution disguised as organic gardening.

Aberdeen City Arts Board presents the Autumn Series: “Revolution disguised as organic gardening.” Aberdeen City Arts Board & Shared planet society presents an informal talk hosted by Simon Gall on Perma-Culture organic gardening and it’s importance. Aberdeen University Campus – … Continue reading

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Aberdeen Against Apartheid: From Johannesburg to Jerusalem

Aberdeen SPSC would like to invite you to the event ‘Aberdeen Against Apartheid: From Johannesburg to Jerusalem’ taking place on Friday the 24th of August. This will be upstairs at the Blue Lamp and begin at 7pm. The evening is … Continue reading

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The Summer Series no.5

Please join us for an evening with Aberdeen Feminists who are hosting an evening talk on feminism and it’s role within radical political movements. The talk will be followed by the usual lively Q&A and live acoustic music and DJ … Continue reading

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We are all Pussy Riot

Although this news is not new news A.A. would like to also say… “WE ARE ALL PUSSY RIOT!!”  Corporate media Rip Off Alert! – “Pussy Riot function symbolically as the head of a protest movement in Russia that is being shut down. … Continue reading

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Summer Series no.3 – The Impact of Big Biomass.

Please come join Aberdeen Against austerity & Aberdeen City Arts Board [ACAB} at the Blue Lamp for a informative talk and discussion on the environmental impact of growing Big Biomass for energy. The talk is presented by Allly Coutts and … Continue reading

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The G8. [Remembering Genoa]

It’s the UK’s turn for the next G8 and luckily for us black is next years fashionable colour, excited yet? Unfortuately for us here in the UK this also once more means we will be “treated” to the very ugly sight of The (dirtymidget) BONO and … Continue reading

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The philosophy of animal rights.

   Aberdeen Anarchists in association with Aberdeen City Arts Board (ACAB) and Aberdeen Against Austerity presents: The summer Series – no.2  “The philosophy of animal rights.”  Please come and join us on Friday 20th July 2012 at the Blue Lamp … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Faslane!

After several attempts to leave Aberdeen and Stonehaven (after getting lost several times) spirits were still high  aboard the good car “susan” as several members of Aberdeen Anarchists,  Aberdeen Against Austerity, Aberdeen City Arts Board (ACAB) and Occupy Aberdeen went … Continue reading

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“Doing It Oneself!”

When one cannot afford someone to do it for one then one must learn to do it oneself! Aberdeen City Arts Board & Aberdeen Against austerity present: SKILLSHARE SCHOOL “Doing It Oneself!” Come along for a fun interactive day of … Continue reading

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