Members of Aberdeen Anarchists are involved as individuals or as a group in various campaigns ongoing within the city and shire.

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There’s gonna be a riot down in Trumpton tonight.

Donald Trump decided he needed another world-class golf resort to add to his collection. He did this by perverting local democracy, bullying the locals and destroying a place of special scientific interest, all this in his so called spiritual home of Scotland!

Tripping up Trump

You’ve Been Trumped (a must watch film!)

Save Union Terrace Gerdins!

A local oil baron has decided he does not like the look of Aberdeen anymore  and decided that he wants to destroy it to build more shops. So the city can attract more shops to town, as the city is an eyesore with heaps of empty shops! Yep, it makes no sense at all!

Friends of Union Terrace Gardens

Who killed Bambi? The council!

The local council have decided to plant a tree in every ones name in the city. Unfortunately to do this they have to cull a herd of deer. Most people agree that they would rather not have Bambi shot in their name!

 Stop the Tullos Deer Cull. (facebook link)

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