THE CRIMINAL ORDER by Abisso Nichilista

The criminal order of civilization depends on the cursed dream of progress, of equality, of the “useful vote”. It is never in the interests of order for the mass to emerge from narcosis, which deludes the deplorable existence to which it is subjected.

The world in which we live is the hell of the individual, where Man prefers to sacrifice himself for any cause alien to himself, to sacrifice himself for abstractions like the armies of rats, offering his unreal existence a sublime, quasi-religious character, protected by dominant culture. We are at war, the criminal order does not forgive dissent. We cannot imagine the perpetual “state of peace” as long as the misery of the old world extends to all aspects of life. We are still in hell, the only option we have is the artistic becoming of the pulverization of the current. The modern world is the deadlock of the individual, death has fallen on the selfish fulfillment consuming it in the name of the outdated All. The fate of the past generation, the current one, as the future is condemned to suffering,to the merciful wrath of God, our savior. Our life is the price to pay, there is no miracle that frees us from the heavy burden of living problems. However, the law of order wants the Individual to console himself in his own ruin, a mass of useless victims, eager to rebuild their lives.

Our destiny is catastrophe, we want it more and more, to escape from the present that subjects us to the misery of our lives, maintained by catalytic humanism. The consummation of our ideas now takes place under the shadow of Death, of rebirth after burning, under the triumph of the Schizo fracturing the values ​​that the model citizen religiously safeguards. Everything will be reduced to no more than a handful of individuals, who will rise from the depths of the calcination of the sacred, of the scientific absolute. We cannot change the order, the only dissolving solution is to guide him into the abyss, before our individuality perishes, everything that is not the fullness of Egoism will fall.

Our idea is deadly, it is the expression of uniqueness, which is dedicated to the destruction of all social systems that annihilate the One, the individual cause can only recognize its own will to Power. That deadly expression must exhaust his insanity giving free rein to his harmfulness, in open confrontation with everything that is current, outdated, outdated, and decadent. Catastrophe is preferable to reform, joining the curse is preferable to rethinking the world.

We wish to raise the catastrophe over what has long since expired, the age of scientific or humanistic reason, the age of state blessing. We will return from darkness without any absurd criminal value or ridiculous hope. We will be the warning of becoming, no inheritance of misery will be forgiven, Chaos like lightning will impose its incendiary will. Our fellow citizens have always been our enemies for centuries, now more than ever. Death will consume in the well of its attributes the Saints, the virtuous, the good, the wealthy. The delirium of Chaos is the destruction of the origin of religious and moral ideas, Man and all his order.

Via:Enemies of Society

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