Thoughts on Wildness and Domestication By Renzo Connors

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“If I decide to break the chains of domestication, I can only do so because I feel the chains and suffer the effects of domestication on my own skin.” – Alfredo Bonanno I While out walking or cycling at night, … Continue reading

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On the Transition: Postscript to Future Primitive by John Zerzan

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“Yeah, the critique is impressive and everything, but just how might we actually get from this ghastly world to some healed, whole existence?” I think we should not doubt that such a journey is possible, nor that the explosion necessary … Continue reading

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Rome, Italy: Incendiary attack on high speed railway line

Rome 1/9/20

electric and / or optic fibre cables set on fire along the high speed railway line.

against the technological society of control.

against every cage.

freedom for the anarchists struck by the repression

Translated by Act for freedom now!

ViaAnarchist News

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ALF Ireland Book Launch

A Complete Collection of all Documented Actions by the Animal Liberation Front in the Republic of Ireland from 2003 – 2019.

First Edition.

All profits donated to the National Animal Rights Association (

Via Animal Liberation Front Support Ireland

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Appalachian Anarchism: What the Voting Record Conceals by Dakota Hensley

Individualism, community, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and faith are the values of the people of Appalachia. It is in these values that we find an anarchism that has existed in the cities and rural communities for decades. However, most Appalachians don’t refer to their culture as such, but it carries many of the same attitudes and beliefs as anarchism. .This fact is further obscured by the pressure to view political beliefs through an electoral lens.

Appalachian anarchism is a syncretic philosophy that combines Christian anarchism with individualist anarchism along with aspects of traditionalist conservatism and agrarianism. It is Christian anarchist in that faith is held dear to Appalachians who let the Bible guide them, despite 70% being unchurched and their native Christianity being decentralized and opposed to religious hierarchy and established churches. It is individualist in its opposition to communism and acceptance of self-reliance and self-sufficiency. It is traditionalist conservative in its views of social issues, being opposed to abortion and supportive of the traditions of the mountains among others. It is agrarian in its support of the back-to-the-land movement’s components, namely smallholding, self-sufficiency, community, and autonomy. All these mix together to create an individualist and conservative anarchism.

Appalachians live this conservative anarchism everyday. Many spend their whole lives without interacting with a government or anything close to it. Wallins, Kentucky doesn’t even have a government (as a result of its being demoted from a city to an unincorporated community back in 2010 after failing to elect a mayor in 2008) and Harlan, Kentucky has a mayor who’s a non-presence most residents don’t even know the name of.

Many smaller unincorporated communities dot the Appalachian landscape, living peacefully without a local authority. There are 62 of these little communities in Harlan County alone. The only government presence is the Harlan police and they only seem to patrol the streets of Harlan (though I only lived in Baxter and Wallins so I’m open to corrections). There’s also a post office (though some of these communities don’t have that anymore) and the Harlan County Rescue Squad. Other than Wallins’ volunteer fire department, that’s as far as government presence goes. These unincorporated communities are small and anarchist and are a key characteristic of Appalachian.

In contrast with this reality, many people still see Appalachia as a hotbed of conservatism. But that’s only those who vote and, even then, their personal views are nothing like the views of the candidates they vote for. If you average the turnout of Kentucky’s 5th district, Tennessee’s first three districts, and Virginia’s 9th district (all of which make up Central Appalachia), you’ll find that only 42% of residents there vote (a number I found by taking the number of votes last election, dividing it by the total adult population, then adding up all five percentages and finding the mean). In the 2018 midterms, 47% of Americans voted. Considering that even those who do vote don’t always agree with their choice, you’ll find that Appalachia as this conservative hotbed is nothing but a myth.

The only thing preventing Appalachians from calling themselves anarchists is that they don’t know what that means. Anarchists forget that the large majority of Americans know nothing about anarchism or the philosophies of Benjamin Tucker and Lysander Spooner, William Greene and Stephen Pearl Andrews, or even Pyotr Kropotkin and Mikhail Bakunin. The few who do associate it with violence.

Some will assume that Appalachian anarchism can’t be anarchism because of anarchism’s association with labor. And if we see Appalachia as conservative based on its voting record, that must make it anti-labor as well. That is far from the truth. Appalachia has had labor disputes for decades and its people are always on the side of the worker. Bloody Harlan, a war between coal miners and coal operators in 1931, was a deeply Appalachian struggle. There were movies about it and it’s one of the most well known labor disputes. Harlan even had a protest against Black Jewel last year.

Anarchism is as Appalachian as poke sallet. It is not the progressive kind championed by contemporary anarchists but it is something Appalachians know well and is something anarchists should capitalize on. Appeal to Appalachian values and relate anarchism to places like Wallins and Harlan and explain how it’s not different from their lives now. That’ll expand anarchism to these mountains where it would grow and blossom.

Via Anarchist News

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‘Illness and Capital’ by Alfredo M. Bonanno

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Illness, i.e.a faulty functioning of the organism, is not peculiar to man. Animals also get ill, and even things can in their own way present defects in functioning. The idea of illness as abnormality is the classic one that was … Continue reading

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Practical Rewilding: Facing the False Self – On The Practice of Emotional and Spiritual Rewilding by Rubus and Terra

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A Wildroots Column about Feral Living The subject of a practical rewilding experience is deep and broad, like the diversity of earth-based lifeways, and the ecologies of different parts of the earth. Most of us are still children re-learning how … Continue reading

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Achim, Germany: Incendiary Sabotage of an Amazon Construction Site

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DE – [Achim bei Bremen: Amazon-Baustelle sabotiert] (Tor) Amazon construction site sabotaged! At the end of last year, Amazon concluded the purchase contract for a commercial site on the A27 motorway in Achim. Anyone who goes there now will see … Continue reading

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28th July, France.

received anonymously, via: Bite Back Magazine

“In France, around July 28, we, antispeciesist activists, destroyed two hunting towers.

We believe in the power of propaganda of the deed, and we believe that right now, there is nothing better than videos to motivate people who haven’t yet taken action to go for it.

When we see it, it motivates us, and we are surely not the only ones in this case!

Do something, film yourself, and share your actions anonymously.

Just remember to have large and anonymizing clothes.

We’re no different from you or the rest of the antispeciesists. We do not have incredible talents, nor extraordinary courage, but we train ourselves and we act to put an end to human supremacism over the rest of the animal species.

We’re no better than you, so don’t think you don’t have what it takes to act, really!

When the majority of antispeciesists will take action on common targets, we will very likely and finally be able to see changes for the victims of Speciesism, so let’s act! Now!”

“En France, vers le 28 aout, nous, activistes antispécistes, avons détruit deux tours de chasse.

Nous croyons au pouvoir de la propagande par le fait, et nous pensons qu’actuellement, il n’y a rien de mieux que les vidéos pour donner envie de bouger à des gens qui n’ont pas encore franchi le pas.

Quand on en voit, ça nous motive, et on est sûrement pas les seul-es dans ce cas !

Agissez, filmez-vous, et partagez de façon anonyme vos actions.

Pensez juste à avoir des vêtements larges et anonymisants.

Nous ne sommes pas bien différent-es de vous ou du reste des antispécistes. Nous n’avons pas de talents incroyables, ni un courage extraordinaire, mais on se forme et on agit pour mettre fin au suprématisme humain sur le reste des espèces animales.

On n’est pas mieux que toi, alors ne penses pas que tu n’as pas ce qu’il faut pour agir, vraiment !

Quand la majorité des antispécistes passeront à l’action sur des cibles communes, on pourra très probablement enfin voir des changements advenir pour les victimes du Spécisme, alors agissons ! Maintenant !”

Via Unoffensive Anaimal
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‘Hands to the Gunpowder!’ by Gustavo Rodriguez

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Direct solidarity with imprisoned anarchists –Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, Dinos Giagtzoglou, Alfredo Cospito, Anna Beniamino, Nicola Gai, Marco Bisesti, Christos Rodopoulos, Lisa Dorfer, Michael Kimble, Eric King, Monica Caballero, Francisco Solar and, all the anarchist comrades in prison around the … Continue reading

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