THE CRIMINAL ORDER by Abisso Nichilista

The criminal order of civilization depends on the cursed dream of progress, of equality, of the “useful vote”. It is never in the interests of order for the mass to emerge from narcosis, which deludes the deplorable existence to which … Continue reading

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The heuristic capacity of Anarchy By Gustavo Rodriguez

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Jack Halberstam, a renown queer theorist, committed to the “anti-social project” and active contrasexual militant, begins his book The Queer Art of Failure[1], with an irreverent and fun excerpt, taken from the 20th episode of the 1st season of SpongeBob, … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Incendiary Attack Against a Ford Dealership by Carmine Night-Flowers

Received on 20.07.2020:

Besieged bodies among the concrete, between the cameras eyes, crossing daily life with careful but daring steps, moved by an ethic forged by negations.

We are folks that woke up from the social lethargy, having as a weapon our solidarity to the fighting individuals around the world. We want to be the crack that will join the others, destroying a system that represents injustice and “deadly injuries”.

So, on the night of 7/7/2020, we chose to plant four incendiary devices at the Ford car dealership of the Sfakianakis company, resulting in three burnt-out vehicles and a destroyed showcase. Our target was not totally random, as this specific company equips the state apparatus with vehicles, and also the moment of our attack coincided with the uprising in USA, the homeland of Ford.

By this action we choose to be the aroma of the night-flowers that clogs the nostrils with decay, and we want this smell to break every authoritarian nose, to close every mouth that pukes shit, to cut every hand that points at our bodies full of racism, homophobia and sexism.

Carmine Night-Flowers

Via: Anarchist News

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CLAIM NO EASY VICTORIES: A History and Analysis of Anti- Racist Action


“For fourteen years the work of ARA has been to popularize the ideas of direct action in the fight against racism. Along the way ARA’s own internal development has meant connecting racism to other struggles against oppression, from the pro-choice and anti-patriarchal organizing to pro-queer struggles to emphasizing the continual need for participation and initiative in political direction from young people. While there is no single, homogenous, ARA political line beyond ARA’s ‘Points of Unity’, generally, ARA has and continues to be an anti-authoritarian arena for debate and action around the connectedness of various forms of oppression. This allows for an experimentation and self-activity essential to the development of a conscious movement outside of the control and direction of the State. Constructing organizations and movements at the grassroots can be instructive in both the difficulties and simultaneously the radical potentials of people in action.”

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Germany: Hambacher Forest Weekend of Discussion, Workshops and Revolt for Animal Liberation



24-27 SEPTEMBER 2020

After months of dystopian weirdness and unprecedented state-repression
imposed on the basis of corona, borders are opening up and rage is
exploding around the world. But with potentially no radical
anti-speciesist gatherings in Europe this summer to contribute to the
clash, we felt the need to set a rallying point!

The Hambacher Forest is an ongoing focal point for anti-capitalism and
radical ecology on the continent – let’s find each other there and take
the opportunity to share skills and perspectives on how to confront
human supremacy in the current context. In continuation with the
anarchist animal liberation gatherings which took place in Marseille
(2016), Bristol (2017), Bilbao (2018) and Rome (2019), we aim to connect
those who incorporate the fight alongside other animals and their
habitats into a broader struggle against all hierarchies – a struggle
for total liberation.

A list of workshops – both hands-on and more theoretical – is soon to be
announced. We also want to invite you to propose your own, whether over
the coming weeks or more spontaneously once the event begins. Other
contributions in the form of literature, stalls and whatever else are
also warmly invited.

Remember, this event is:
– FREE, including vegan food for the duration of the event
– SELF-ORGANISED, so if you see a job it’s yours!
– SQUATTED, taking place in an illegal land occupation
– ANTI-OPPRESSION, so fuck right off if you have
racist/sexist/heterosexist/cissexist/speciesist or otherwise bigoted
views + behaviour
– IN A FOREST, so be ready to camp and respect the ecosystem

More info about what to expect and how to get there will be released on
the following website later on. You can also find translations of this
callout there, soon to include German, French, Italian, Spanish, and

Feel free to contact us with questions or whatever here:

Spread the world and stay wild!!! Continue reading

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Blast From The Past: Setting Fires With Electrical Timers, An Earth Liberation Front Guide

With fire firmly back in the activist’s toolbox after the George Floyd uprising in Minneapolis successfully laid waste to the police precinct involved with George Floyd’s murder, we have seen fire attacks echoing back around the world in solidarity with this fiery revenge. The fire attack on the Portland Police Association last night made us think of this entertaining document from the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) in May 2001. It’s called “Setting Fires With Electrical Timers: An Earth Liberation Front Guide,” and it has a lot of information about the methods used in the ELF arsons which would later become the subject of the Green Scare FBI cases. The 37-page, anonymously authored guide included sections such as “Four Rules of Arson,” “Where to Put Incendiary Devices,” and “Fuel Requirements for Buildings.” The full PDF is embedded below, and the illustrations alone make it worth looking through the whole thing.

Here’s an excerpt, the “Four Rules of Arson”:

1) Most of the heat from a fire rises. Convection currents cause flames and heat to travel upwards. When choosing locations for accelerant, consider the path of rising heat as the accelerant burns. Get as much of that rising heat into the “target area” as possible. The target area is that part of the building or vehicle which is most vulnerable to fire. (For most buildings, the target area is the attic and its rafters, as described in the next section.)

2) The heat needs to be concentrated in one place. It is counterproductive to disperse the accelerant. Contain the accelerant by keeping it in a 5-gallon bucket or other container. Hollywood movies often show people splashing gasoline everywhere before setting a fire. This creates a nice special effect as flames leap up allover the place. However, the heat is dispersed which makes it less likely that solid wood will absorb enough heat (energy) to catch fire and stay on fire.

3) The heat needs to be sustained over a period of time. As an object is exposed to heat, more and more of that energy will be absorbed over time. The temperature of that object will eventually reach the point where combustion (fire) can occur. A momentary flash of intense heat, like a ball of fire, is not as likely to transfer sufficient heat to the object as would a steady flame. For example, you won’t be burned if you move your hand quickly through a candle flame. This is not true if you hold your hand still in the flame. Even very high temperatures can be rendered ineffectual if there isn’t enough time to transfer sufficient heat. This occurs with gasoline which burns hot and fast. Diesel is added to gasoline to slow down the burn rate.

4) Guarantee destruction of the target through careful planning and execution. Take no shortcuts. Do thorough reconnaissance to eliminate surprises. Make contingency plans for anything that could go wrong. Do extensive testing of timers and igniters. Use multiple incendiary devices with generous amounts of accelerant.Never be satisfied with possible destruction or probable destruction. The objective of every action should be assured destruction. The risks are too high for anything else.

Click to read the full zine…

Via:Earth First Journal

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UK: Hunt sabs decommission Mole traps

Mole traps layed by farmers destroyed by a local hunt sab association.


Via: Hunt Saboteurs

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10th July, South East, UK

“Received anonymously via email:

“A few nights ago we visited a high welfare farm, which has over the last month received the turkey chicks that they plan to murder for Christmas… We planned to get 30 small chicks, but unfortunately the barn we found open had larger Turkeys, so we could only fit 20. They were all asleep when we arrived, so they were quite easy to catch and we placed them into supermarket bags. (Side note do not try to use supermarket bags for larger birds, it was very hard to contain them!) It is such a heart breaking decision picking who gets to leave this hell forever, but we left in high spirits knowing these 20 were free.

We managed to get them out without any issues, and took them to a sanctuary where they will live out their lives without being killed for profit. Turkeys are quite expensive from this farm, so this has also had a financial impact.

Fuck Fhamers, Fuck Free Range, Fuck All Animal Use.



Unoffensive Anaimal

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Beyond The Dark Horizon


A publication of green anarchist art, poetry, stories, rants from ‘so called-Australia’

“We are in a new epoch of breakdown what will it mean to not have a horizon … to have no map of how act … to have only shifting sands to cling to and be in a world radically different than that of the last 10000+ years? What does green anarchy mean today.”

Beyond The Dark Horizon 


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Down with Civilization By Enrico Arrigoni aka Frank Brand

They say: humanity progresses; continuous new conquests  confirm its rise toward greater destinies; It chains up the lightning, tames the water, rules the air; all the elements obey humanity, to its greater satisfaction. And mechanica  civilization really accomplishes marvels. What are the  pyramids, the Coliseum, the Sphinx, before the colossal works  of the 20th century? But the progress of mechanics is also what   makes the mechanization of the individual progress.


If civilization means the sacrifice of individuality before the totality, human automation for the benefit of the abstraction that is society-that would today like to be identified with humanity-the annihilation of individual initiative and will through obedience and discipline that formalize everything for the colossal successes of society, then I cry down with civilization! As I have cried down with society!


These too are heresies, but civilization means nothing else and the sacrifice of the individual for the triumph of civilization goes against nature.


In nature, classifications, genuses, species, races and families are abstractions that don’t matter or matter only for the ease of scholars. What is really of value is the individual. The individual is the source of movements for the great variety of genuses, species, races. At least according to the unitary concept of natural formations. The scientist experiments only on the particular, in order to go back, through statistics, to generalities that will be superb syntheses of keen and laborious deductions and will open the way to broad and daring inductions, to new discoveries that will open new problems and new paths, but the reality upon which its investigations are based will always be the particular, the individual. Only the domination of the one over the many demands the annihilation of the individual, or rather, of what the individual has that is most.. .individual: will.


Power has been developing on this concept, to the point of State over-development, facilitated by the fine war . . revolutionary and exacerbated b y the dangerous, reckless intemperance of the plebeians, who had threatened the supermen of the closed oligarchy of Croesus with the end of the world.


I recall: in 1914, praises were sung, even by poets of the revolution, to the high, visionary foresight of Henry Ford, who caressed the slaves with large, surprising wage raises, accompanied by all those provisions that serve so magnificently to find ready-made pap and prevent any intelligent effort stimulated by one’s own need for devising means and remedies, And some saw a huge step toward socialism in the automobile magnate’s movements, while others saw an enlightened act for distancing the slaves from union rabble-rousers. And if we pass over the original significance of socialist thought and reduce socialism to a solution to the economic problem, locating this all in the belly and adjoining organs, so that the whole essence of the social question is reduced to the presence of steak and butter on every worker’s table and more trips to the theatre, football games and boxing matches, then the former are not wrong. But they stand hand-in-hand with the latter, while still pretending or actually believing that they are soldiers in opposing camps. It is absolutely true that the extremes touch.


But the isolated and revolutionary act of Henry Ford in 1914 became a common manifestation in the post-war period.


The war forced industry’s hand to adopt the system of production by standardization (allow me to get past this mile-long and barbarous word), and from what had been a temporary necessity, the men of the post-war period drew the intelligent conclusion to bring the same system used in the specific field of production into the social question.


In this, at least, Uncle Sam had a lot to teach. Yesterday, education, especially of the scholastic sort, meant cramming historical and scientific notions with a sprinkling of moral salt into the minds of the youth. One came out of school with a bit less moral coercion and a bit more physical and historical knowledge. Today, it is the rule of ignorance, enlightened by a lot of discipline and obedience, fortified by a religious upsurge and by the shrewdest moral teachings. And over all this a great dissemination of physical culture that dominates sports. So that once the brains of the young are stuffed to the liking of the rulers, they have no time to concentrate in order to formulate doubts and solutions that might get beyond these meticulous teachings. Under autocracies, when some halberds, flintlock rifles and cannons were enough to keep malcontents in check, rulers dominated most specifically through physical violence. In democracies and in the personal tyrannies that have descended from democracies (Mussolini, for example) under the reign of dynamite, physical violence is not enough, because if this was enough for the short-lived triumph of some Mexican General Hidalgo (1), it also easily leads to the insurrections that overwhelm, rotating men and parties of men in power, Madero and Huerta and Carranza and Obregon. So it is necessary to create general approval, unanimous consent. The fascists express this with exquisitely Italian genius (or so Barzini (2) and Balb (3) would elegantly call it).


And the State is reinforced by and intervenes in all the activities of its subjects. If Henry Ford can post notices on the walls of his office declaring that anyone who smells of liquor or has liquor in their home will be fired without recourse, Mussolini and his henchmen can, with an equally clear conscience, commit atrocities against anyone, no matter how devoted to the cause, whose activity diminishes the awareness of the high destinies of the duce and of fascism.(4)


Henry Ford has brought his iron industrial organization and his uncontrolled and indisputable domination over the human element to victorious competition on the global market. Mussolini, or the State that is permeated with his criminal will, is going to lead the subjugated people toward

imperialism and the problematic triumph of the Italian race that, along the way, may run up against a difficult chasm leading to a sudden fall.


However, through a trade, the former has shown how to splendidly deflect any individual needs and remedies that people might have thought up. The latter has stopped-pardon my phrase for linguistic ease-the development of Italian plebeians, forcing them back into the 14th century with the fresh upsurge of religious demonstrations, with reforms or revolutions or involutions of state institutions.


If you investigate official democracies, you find this State supremacy equally obvious. It was here already, in embryo before the war and became powerful everywhere after the rebirth of the paradoxical hopes and appetites of the masters, so thoroughly starved during the war and after.


All to the detriment of the individual.


Nations can identify themselves, for ephemeral glory and for the convenience of excess of power, in the triumphs of Lindbergh and Chamberlin(5), in the failures of Nobile(6) who triumphantly planted Christ’s cross on the “summit of the world” and triumphantly abandoned his companions to a terrible fate. But what do men and women matter in this terrible rotation of conquest and domination? What does individuality matter? What is the fate of individuals?


Misery, brutalization, physical and moral degeneration. You get the picture.


Yes, eagles are eagles; poultry are content with the birdseed the master’s hand chooses to give.


And they all dress up as castrati and brutes. Not as iconoclasts, not as proud individuals who have not renounced life. You find the insurgents on different paths, those who launched themselves into every adventure in the name of a vast ideal that touches everything as the social question, in their own name, in the name of their personal need for a broad life, vibrant

with every joy. And Lucetti’s bomb(7), the anonymous bomb in Buenos Aires, the frequent explosions of restless malcontents and the revolver shots of bandits all over the world show that they rebel against enslavement, against the mechanization of the individual, and their attacks are bold, aware, audacious, spontaneous and unexpected. The only ones who assert human progress.


Because there can be no progress where the individual doesn’t loom large, where there is no freedom for the expansion of everyone born of woman.


Mechanical civilization that, with the hateful industrial system of production. ends up as the labor of blind force without intelligent cooperation of the arms and the brain, can only be the death of human progress, which is the elevation from brute force to the highest degree of intellectual needs and sensations of beauty that only a practiced mind can know and enjoy.


Between social civilization, understood in this way, and human progress, there is conflict. This conflict will not end unless the individual triumphs through the eradication of the state and of society as the organization of exploitation and robbery.


Down with society and with civilization, which affirms and reinforces domination!


From Eresia di oggi e di domain

(Heresy of today and tomorrow),

Agricola, 1928


(1) This reference is to the leader of the Mexican independence movement of the early 19th century, and may reflect a mistake on Arrigoni’s part since the other four figures were involved in the Mexican revolution of the early 20′” century which first took president Porfirlo Diaz out of power and then, indeed, took the form Arrigoni describes.


(2) An Italian journalist and later a senator unde the fascist regime.


(3) A fascist activist and leader involved in organizing the March on Rome that brought the fascists to power In Italy in 1922.


(4) The last part of this sentence Is a very approximate translation, because it used several words that I could not find in any dictionary I had access to and that seemed to be neologisms taken from other words, but this seemed to be the gist of it.


(5) The second person to make a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean, after Lindbergh.


(6) An Italian Arctic explorer.


(7) Gino Lucetti is an anarchist who on September 11, 1926 attempted to assassinate Mussolini with a bomb



This was took from a book Enemies of Society, An Anthology of Individualist and Egoist Thought. Publish by Little Black Cart

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