Taller software libre

Taller de Software Libre y LibreOffice en Briviesca el 16 de noviembre a las 7.30 de la tarde. Será el primero. Luego vendrán más. Gimp para manipular imágenes, si hay demanda Audacity para manipular sonido, y por supuesto privacidad en internet.
Siempre para principiantes.
Los contenidos de este taller están aquí, en solo texto, y la presentación en formato .odp está en owncloud de aktivix
Texto de la presentación de Introducción a Software Libre y LibreOffice
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Colombus Day

Reflexions on the day of Hispanidad, on view of so many weapons on display on the streets of Madrid.

12 of October, which in the calendars – these seem to be separating – in the Christian calendar it appears as the day of Our Lady of the Pilar and in the civilian ones as the Day of the Hispanity or Columbus Day.
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Reflexiones en el día de la Hispanidad. Tanto armamento por las calles de Madrid

12 de octubre, que en los calendarios, que esos parece que se van separando, en los calendarios cristianos aparece como día de Nuestra Señora del Pilar y en los civiles como Día de la Hispanidad (o en inglés, Día de Cristóbal Colón.
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Local football

footballI do not know if all football fields have this acoustics or it’s only the ones I have visited. It is a unique sound, men shouting instructions at each other while pursuing a ball, and the louder they shout the greater the echo, against the nearly empty stands, apart from a few young enthusiasts, encouraging their parents, or their children, or their friends. And as the game progresses, the light is dimmer, but the shouts and echoes are not. And there comes a time when the field is barely visible from the fence, and the only truly visible things are the fluorescent boots of the players, multicolored boots under the uniformity of the duller team uniform colours. But someone has forgotten to turn on the lights and the sky and the field are darker and darker. Then the party and the echoes have died, and the football field is silent and dark.