Marichu -en

(en castellano: aqui)
Marichu. I liked that there was a Marichu here, in Castilla. I liked to call her and say hello, pronounce her name. ‘Marichu you’re dropping your bottle’. ‘Marichu, what do you want?’ And, eventually, simply ‘Marichu, how are you?’ Continue reading


(in English: here)
Marichu. Me gustaba mucho que hubiera una Marichu aquí, en Castilla, me gustaba llamarla y decirle hola, pronunciar el nombre. ‘Marichu, que se te cae la botella.’ ‘Marichu, ¿qué quieres?’ Y, con el tiempo, simplemente, Marichu, ¿cómo estás?
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Elecciones municipales en España

(in English here)
Después de las experiencias del Campamento del Clima que relaté en estas entradas (en inglés: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ), no había  otra opción cuando sucedió el movimiento que ocupó las plazas que visitar San Pablo. Fue emocionante, sin embargo, cuando volví a internet y leí lo que había sucedido en España, parecía realmente aburrido en comparación.
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Municipal elections in Spain

(en castellano: aqui)
After the climate camp experiences that I related in these posts, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 there was no other option when the occupy movement happened but to visit St Paul. It was exciting, however when I went back to the internet and read about what had happened in Spain, it seemed truly dull in comparison.
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Kent garden

A garden in Kent the garden of England.




Book reviews

In the last few months I have read a few months and published some reviews on Goodreads. It turns out the site is either bought or in close relationship with FaceBook so I will continue to support this blog site rather than some corporate conglomerate. Continue reading

We were indymedia

Anne was involved in indymedia, a project so amazing she wants to publish a collective memory.

To that end, she has sent a few of us* all a questionnaire. Here are my answers.

>>>> Who are you?

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Blatant Advertising

In case any remote reader is every looking for a good WordPress host which is not network23 because it would be aimed for setting up a commercial business to (hopefully) earn an income, so that would rule out Network 23, but yet ethical behaviour would be a requirement.

Projects that are run by people just as cool as Network23 are for example:



Tottenham Palestine Literature Festival 2014

hjfpIs Tottenham a little village? Some one involved in the literature festival was a friend of a friend of mine, an ex-colleague of another friend and the colleague of another, although none of us knew about these connections until yesterday. [Link to the festival’s page]
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That ride in June 08

It doesn’t seem so easy these days for Critical Mass to visit the places where cyclists have been killed in the month proceeding each mass.

It was not always like this.
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