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Electricity coop in Spain

Notes from the talk by volunteers of the Cooperativa de Energía EnergÉtica, a not-for-profit cooperative organization, in December 2017 in Briviesca, Burgos, Castilla, Spain

texto de la charla
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Critical Mass London March 2013

Quite an uneventful critical mass, last Friday 27th of March 2013, from where I was riding – apart from a fire emergency situation that gave police a justified reason to divert the ride.
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Bike route no more

There is big one-way system in Tottenham Hale, one of those with various lanes that make drivers believe that it is ok to speed like mad. It is served with a network of traffic lights; the kind where you need to press four or five buttons and wait for the corresponding green lights, taking up to twenty minutes to walk a few yards.  Continue reading

Repair Party

In line with ideas of de-growth and transition towns, on Saturday 16th of June took place a public event where people were invited to bring devices for repair.

I was mainly busy being a witness of my printer being opened up to its deepest entrails and then closed up again – twice -, but here are some pictures of the event: Continue reading

El río, el camino y el rebaño

Montes castellanos. Entre ellos, el río. Crecieron los montes, o se hundió el cauce?

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La Ilera

I am writing this report about the hours I spent in La Ilera, just about thirty. I arrived by car in a spring afternoon to what, at that time, only looked like an open field with a fence in the middle and some planted sticks.

I learned very early on that the sticks were actually trees that M. was planting as a beginning of her forest garden project design, which was completely strange and new to me even though I had already heard something about permaculture.

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