Violence and Environmeddling

April 13, 1996

North Fork of the Shoshone

       So I hear the FBI is promoting a connection between theirUnibomber suspect and Earth First! Pretty amusing, since Earth First! has always stressed non-violence to humans, especially in the Journal which has always been the most conservative element of the movement. Now “Live Wild or Die” is another story, but that’s not associated with Earth First! Just a bunch of folks who got fed up with Twinklers and consensus reality.
        Course, all you thinking folks already know this. It’s just the other 99 44/100 percent of the population of Amerikkka that gets it’s reality from TeeVee that has a problem in understanding. They hear about “anarchy” in the streets of Liberia, replete with moving images in glowing color of madness and mayhem, in the next instant seeing images of a long haired, bearded mad bomber who didn’t bath every day and didn’t have running water and electricity, drug away in chains, followed by a commercial for mouth wash. Can’t figger out why they’re so confused!
        Yep, them ecoterrorists should be hauled away to jail and left to rot. Damned unAmerikkkans. And they shouldn’t be allowed to spread their filthy lies, fomenting violence and insurrection. Damned filthy hippies anyway, look at that hair! Get a job, asshole!
        In 1990, I took a trip to the lower 48, just to see how bad things were getting and to spread the word about the Exxon Valdez oil spill. I traveled by bus, ferry, train, bus and thumb. I met a lot of cool folks, some of them young, some of them older. I stopped by the Madison River and spent some time with some folks with their heads togeether at the Round River Rendezvous. One of them was a guy named Ted Kozcinsky. Now I don’t remember old Ted any more than the other cool heads that were gathered there neath the pines (there was this one lady, though… sigh). But I do know that no one talked of blowing up folks or of any violence other than spiking trees and burning bulldozers, good healthy pasttimes, of no harm to anyone other than corporate pocketbooks. Anyone who who even suggested violence was summarily tossed out on his ear, or hers. Remember, this was at the height of the FBI paranoia and everyone eyed everyone else (well, almost everyone) with the thought of “informer” uppermost in mind. So it wasn’t in the atmosphere to promote violence of any sort.
        Now if ol’ Ted got any ideas about blowing up folks from THAT meeting, he had an active imagination! It just wasn’t on the agenda. Sure there was LWOD copies lying about and other subversive literature, and there was Monkeywrenching workshops, but non-violence was the norm. There was just two many Twinklers around to even bring up the subject!
        Remember the Code of the Ecowarrior: Rule #1: Nobody gets hurt! First and foremost, above all else.

        Course, we all know this is just another disinformation campaign on the part of our Friends with microphones in their lapels. They sure as hell wouldn’t pass up a chance to equate Earth First! with the Mad Anarchist! And they expect to see a furious denial on the part of the Earth First! coterie of any connection with the Unibomber or his ideas. This is called co-option, a technique learned to perfection by the constabulary in the 60s and 70s.
        As for me, I deny nothing. I stood in the relative vicinity of Ted Koczinsky on the Madison River. I may even have enjoyed a pleasant conversation with the man. I am a constant and unrelenting supporter of the Earth First! ideal, unto and foremostly including the dedication to non-violence to human beings. I retain my opposition to the techno-industrial monster that is devouring the natural world and I vow to my dying day to work to defeat the monster while there is still Wild
left to defend. I encourage any and all to join in this most holy of tasks, to engage in pleasant activity in the out-of-doors, especially that activity that preserves the wild and forestalls it’s destruction to
line the pockets of the filthy rich.
        Enough of this skulking rhetoric, there’s work to do.

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