Container Gardening

Berry bushs. These bush’s were propagated from cuttings.

Container gardening is perfect for all those who only have a small space free
to grow stuff, such as an apartment balcony, a tiny back or front garden, a windowsill could even be used to grow a herb garden or veggies even.

carrots seedlings in an old pot

Container gardening is also great for anyone that has space, but the area is all concrete.

The same method and tactics apply as in any other area you want to grow in. . Keep an eye on the specific are and see who much or how little sun hits the area, how long in the day does sun last beaming on the area, then once your sure about the sunlight choose plants to grow in the area that will like and suit the conditions.

Onions in a small vertical garden growing pockets

Anything that can hold soil or compost can be used to sow seeds and plants in. An old pot, boot or show, bucket, the list is rally endless you just need some imagination.

Three varietied of potatoes in grow bags
A minny herb garden growing in a massive pot in a housing estate.