One Small Step

Just a quick update regarding money. We have recently had a low-interest loan of £58,000 agreed from Radical Routes, at the Summer Gathering, which took place in Derbyshire on 10th August. Although we still need to secure a mortgage and attract a modest sum of loanstock (see our Invest page), this loan goes a long way towards making Anarres a reality!

Although we are grateful about the decision, it’s not for us just to say a ‘thank you’. For those of you that don’t know, Radical Routes is a member-led co-operative project, rather than being a service provider with customers. We can’t just take the money and carry on with our lives; Anarres is committed to being a member of the Radical Routes network in our own right, and we do our part of working to make sure that it can continue to expand and spread the values of co-operation and radical social change. Equally, we are also responsible for making decisions to help support other co-ops, regardless of whether they are existing members or future new additions.

The network is here to build on and distribute support for co-ops – be they workers’ co-ops, social centres, or housing co-ops like ourselves. This support takes many forms: not just financial support, but also expertise and advice in the many legal, financial, practical, and social pitfalls that might threaten any attempt at secure and dignified housing. Indeed, we can’t help but notice that attaining proper housing whilst caught inside such a corrupt and incompetent economic system as global capitalism, is becoming more and more difficult. Although we traditionally think of shelter as a human right, the reality on the ground is that’s getting closer to becoming a privilege: one which more and more of us can’t afford.

If you have any questions about Radical Routes, you can of course follow the links on our site, but we would also be glad to speak more in-depth on the subject: so get in touch.

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