Dundee Together!

The good folks of Dundee can put on a show when necessary. And any time the Stupid Defence League congregate to spread their message of hatred it’s necessary!  Dundee didn’t let themselves down on 1st September, and hopefully the SDL winna be back anytime soon.

Dundee Together was a happy mix of the people of Dundee, Scottish Anti-Fa, the Youth League of Muslims, Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, Unite Against Fascism, Dundee Mosque, Stop the War Coalition, Hope not Hate, Dundee & Aberdeen Anarchists and the SWP.

We were all capably brought together by the Dundee TUC and their many volunteers who donated time and energy to make sure the city remained fascist free.

The day started with a wander around the stalls, some breakfast and a catch up with people we don’t see often enough and then we were off to the first seminar of the day.

Click on photo for a link to the excellent seminars

The Free University held an open session exploring 2 different view-points of fascism: the external and the personal. Some very interesting points were raised and a good discussion was formed. One thing raised during the discussion that particularly interested this reporter was the irony of a “left wing” Labour Government under Blair & Brown accelerating the right wing Neo-Liberal economic program started by Thatcher in the UK- economic fascism.

The awesome Dundee Bollywood Dancers

While the musical entertainment began on the stage, roving bands of concerned citizens were out and about keeping all eyes peeled for the Sober Defenders League, but there was little sign of them. Rumours of their locations abounded but we figured that the tiny cage surrounded by lots of cops just beside a shopping centre would probably be their final destination.

Around about 1pm, the collective intelligence of the city took a massive drop. It was as if a massive cloud of STUPID had arrived and settled around us. But what, where or who could it be?  The rattling sound of sick and lonely brain cells bouncing about shaved bone headed skulls announced the imminent arrival of the mighty defenders of Scotland from the Muslamic hoards.

We're not racists, honest

So, the mighty neon clad defenders of the SDL, the cops, escorted them into their pre-arranged neon police kettle.

Kettled fascists. Is that like potted heid?

Soon hundreds of locals had kettled the police kettle that had already been set up to kettle the racists.

"There are many, many more of us than you....."

We spent a pleasant hour shouting much louder than the paltry band of racists before they were escorted back onto their buses and out of the city.

Goodbye fascists, hurry back now.....

A note of thanks really must go out to all the guys and gals of the North East Infidels, SDL Borders Division, EDL SDL and other assorted bald middle-aged racists who made the trip up to Dundee. It’s due to their commitment and sterling work that communities throughout Scotland, of all races, religions and age-groups are coming together and extending understanding toward each other. Without you guys of the SDL to motivate people our communities may remain divided. So please keep up the good work. Don’t go changing ya’ hear!


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