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  1. i guess community councils are a logical step when trying for full council….please feel free to do a write up about this and email it to us. We will put it out on the blog and to our local contacts….

    • I live in the Summerhill area and have been invited to attend the local community council meeting to discuss the closure of the post office in Mastrick. Is it true that there are National Front people on the community’s council for Mastrick/Summerhill/sheddocksley?
      Don’t know if I will go if it’s true.

  2. I have been on the council website and there seems to be some names I recognise from elections. The community council lists have 3 or 4 nazis in them as members of the new community councils. Mastrick has 3 nazis on their community council. Has anyone else noticed it? Surely they cant be getting to join local people in meetings!

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