The Unmasking of Madfwaz

Cool guy Fraser Hudson aka Madfwaz.

The Ethno-Nationalist streamer known by his online pseudonym ‘Madfwaz’, is actually Fraser George Alexander Hudson, a 32 year old unemployed man that lives with his 73 year old father in a tiny community Barvas on the Isle of Lewis.  Born and raised in Derby, Fraser moved with his family to the remote village on Lewis in 2007 in what would have been a formative year of his life. In 2009 he would attend Anniesland college far away from his family. The next year, he would start studying at the University of Glasgow but would fail in his first academic year due to “mental health issues”. 

He would return to Lewis and become obsessed with a phenomenon called The Zeitgeist Movement, setting up a Highlands and Islands group. He went as far as listing this as his job. His fixation on the wildly factually inaccurate Zeitgeist films would go some way to define a pattern of thinking which would eventually lead him to the most extreme right-wing racist and anti-semitic conspiracy theories. A lack of critical faculties were apparent even a decade ago. All this is in 2010 though, Fraser was interested in alternatives to capitalism and was even an admirer of Karl Marx.

His totally real job. Fraser probably considers this a “zionist psy-op” now.

Around this time, Fraser was also heavily into World of Warcraft, Skyrim, heavy metal and ‘alt-lite’ beard-scratching grifters such as Sargon of Akkad. Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad is often a jumping off point for angry young men to move through the pipeline of radicalisation and Fraser would be no different. It seems he had few to no friends and spent all of his time gaming or online (He would later clarify in a now private livestream that he “had lots of friends….online”).

In 2014, Fraser would begin studying Sociology at Abertay University. Unfortunately his mother passed away in 2015 and his righteous anger added fuel to the fire of a hateful world-view. In 2017, during his Sociology course, he would alienate any potential friends he could have made by openly promoting the racist ‘Great Replacement’ conspiracy theory. This rejection by his real life peers, pushed him further into his online persona Madfwaz and after joining the anti-Islam party For Britain for a year, he would eventually land in the cesspool that is Patriotic Alternative. 

In PA, he would find a community of social pariahs, career-criminals, grifters, outcasts and losers who accepted him as he was….But, having said that, it wasn’t all plain sailing. He was accused by other nationalists of being “gay” (he mentioned once how he was into researching deformed penises), “Jewish” and possibly a woman due to his unusually high voice (specifically Tommeh fan-girl, ex-GI and ex-PA member Lucy Brown). His supposed comrades bully him frequently and he seems to be at the bottom of a woeful pecking order. Despite the lack of respect he seems to command, Madfwaz is a prolific propagandist for the Patriotic Alternative Scotland branch, appearing in and creating hours and hours of appallingly dull livestreams. 

In early 2020, Fraser would form an unlikely alliance with Ralph Masilimani aka Right Reaction. Masilimani of Maybourne Rise, Woking, Surrey is a crypto-currency marketing CFO, ex-stockbroker and serial grifter who frequents Speakers Corner. He is part owner/founder of VALUEBLOCK LTD. Despite being half Indian, Ralph is a “neo-reactionary” (NRx) and is actually further right than many of his nazi bedfellows (he’s a real fashy showman). Ralph often uses verbose and pretentious language and runs rings round most other pig-shit nationalists and this has fostered a huge ego in him. In fact, his ego was so colossal, that he would be booted out of PA and ex-communicated by most of the ethno-nationalist community. Ralph stands accused of misappropriating funds, having knowledge of a grooming gang and not going to police and finally, having designs to oust Mark Collett. Ralph and Fraser’s ill-fated show ‘Mad Reaction’ would implode on stream after only 10 episodes when Fraser accused Masilimani of stealing donations. Fraser would take a lot of flack from other nationalists for hosting a show with someone who wasn’t white and has never quite lived this down.

RIP – Press F for Fash

After his second chance at university, it became clear that Fraser was just far too anti-social to be a productive member of society and he would slink back to his “ethnostate” island of Lewis and into his online persona Madfwaz.  Looking through the pain and failures of his life, it could be easy to feel sorry for him, but remember that he is an avowed racist and genocidal fantasist.

PS – Special thanks to lose-lipped Simon the Scottish PA Organiser

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