Footage of meeting on undercover police and infiltrators in the AR movement

Here is the film produced by Reel News of the presentation I gave on How Special Branch Spied on the Animal Rights Movement at the London Vegans meeting held on 22 February 2017.

May thanks to Shaun and Merrick for enabling the film to go ahead, to London Vegans for inviting me and to the sixty or so people who turned up and contributed to a lively meeting.

This article can be read in conjunction with the film:  

However this article was written over three years ago and only goes up to about 2005. The talk brings the subject up to the present day with the arrests of Debbie Vincent and Sven and Natasha in 2012, Debbie’s subsequent imprisonment in 2014 and finally Sven and Natasha’s deportation to the UK last month to stand trial for conspiracy to blackmail.

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