27 October: Plaques Project tour of spycops sites in London

The Cock Tavern in Somers Town was used by Reclaim the Streets and London Animal Action in the nineties

The Plaques Project is starting…

We have decided to mark some of the places where officers from the Special Demonstration Squad and other undercover units spied on us, and our movements for change, over the years.

We will be putting plaques up at various sites around London,  starting on Friday 27th October. Meet us at the Cock Tavern, Phoenix Rd, Euston NW1 1HB for a drink and some reminiscing at 5.30pm.

We’ll be moving off at 6pm sharp for a quick tour around some places of interest in the local area. We aim to reach Housmans bookshop for an unveiling and launch event at 7.30pm.Please come dressed as a ghost (bed-sheet style) if you can.

Further information: contact#@#policespiesoutoflives.org.uk – first remove spam-reducing ## symbols @theyspiedhere on Twitter https://www.facebook.com/policespiesoutoflives

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