Support victims of spycops and enable them to gain access to justice

Protesters outside the High Court in November 2017. Your help is needed to ensure those who were spied on can participate fully in the public inquiry.

We are launching this campaign as part of the Spy Cops Communications Group,  set up to ensure that people targeted by political policing in the UK get access to justice.

Nearly 200 of us have been spied upon by a undercover officers and  have been  accepted as ”core  participants” in the official  Inquiry into Undercover Policing.

The Inquiry is a very formal and legalistic process, endlessly delayed by the police in their efforts to avoid any transparency and scrutiny. It is very difficult to follow the proceedings without a little help. On top of that, to date the Inquiry has refused to pay for core participants to attend hearings and other vital meetings.

Yet this inquiry is about us

We want to increase people’s access to justice in a practical way, through:

– covering travel to attend meetings & hearings

– offering legal support.

– Providing fortnightly updates

We  are aiming to raise  £10,000 through this Crowd Justice Campaign so the campaigners spied upon can  get the truth they deserve.

Please share the Crowdfunder link and, if you can afford it, donate too.


The  Home Office called the Inquiry in 2014 as result of pressure from people targeted by police spies, after campaigners exposed the level of police infiltration into political groups. The undercover operations invaded people’s lives, committing human rights abuses for decades . Systematic spying was aimed at controlling political dissent in the UK, undermining what should be a healthy democracy.

The police have admitted that they spied on 1000 political groups including those campaigning for equality,  justice, community empowerment and the environment,  those fighting against war, racism, sexism,  homophobia, government policies, corporate power, and police brutality.

The official Inquiry offers a unique opportunity to hold the police and those responsible  to account in the fight for transparency and justice. However, the  process is an extremely formal and legalistic. There is an urgent need to make it easier  for people to get involved.

What we will do

£10,000 will enable us to:

  • Fund travel and expenses to attend court hearings and meetings with lawyers
  • Organise quarterly meetings to help core participants follow the Inquiry, and network with each other.
  • Maintain a secure online discussion forum to discuss interventions and submissions to the Inquiry.
  • Liaise with  lawyers to keep taps on what is happening, and understand legal process
  • Have a legal observer present at the hearings at all times
  • Share a fortnightly email  of legal information
  • Provide media training and support people in engaging with the media.
  • Prepare people for appearing in court and giving witness statements

Kim Bryan, Tom Fowler, Chris Dutton, Terence Evans,  Emily Apple, Kirsty Wright, Paul Gravett, Morgana Reddy, Kirk, Jessica and Kevin Blowe.

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