Alt Housing Conference 2005

This years venue is at Open Arts Platform, Old Seager Distillery, Deptford, London . It’s on Saturday, 29 October 2005 from10am till 5pm and admission is FREE. You should attend.

Visting the Alternative Housing Conference site will give you an idea of what previous yeards have covered with everything from Squat Social centres, planning law for eco-projects, earth ships, and fund raising for alt. communties. There is also audio from previous years.

This year’s conference will be following a slightly different vein to the usual “Alternative Housing” focus; instead it tries to fuse the aims of independent community/ co-operative groups in South East London that are aiming to realise the “Social Economy” in our area and “media-centric” groups which are trying to realise a means of networking the wide, disparate range of community groups. We shall examine what is happening in South East London, how community groups are using media (or not) to gain presence, how art/ media/ design could aid the social economy, demonstrating how the social economy is beneficial to the world of art/ media/ design, using real projects to demonstrate these points. The aim of the conference is to see how the two areas (Social Economy and Art/ Media/ Design) can aid one another in their aims/ goals and how media is being used in a constructive and positive manner.

The conference will be accompanied by workshops that will give those wishing to start a projects practical advice on how to go about setting up and how to finance themselves.

The theme reads: “Progressing the Social Economy through Art/ Media/Design and vice versa…” thus:

“Progressing”: progress, taking further, enhancing, developing, evolving

“Social Economy”: the economic system made up community/ co-operative/business groups which embrace both financial and social goals, such as housing co-operatives, workers co-operatives. The social economy is the sector of activity that functions for social purposes. It seeks to achieve all or some of the following criteria: sustainable and self financing; activity of benefit to those who are involved in it; to address the needs of those who are currently disadvantaged; to encourage the ethic of self help; to replace dependency with self reliance; to enhance the social fabric of a community. For the full description visit the Social Economy Info Sheet

“Art/ Media/ Design”: “Art” (any medium, galleries, studios), “Media” (radio, TV, music, print, advertising, internet (web and infrastructure)) and “Design” (graphic,interior, advertising, product) are wide, generic terms to incorporate a range of media options and infrastructure which relate to the making the Social Economy visible.

“vice versa”: as art/ media/ design can help the social economy, the social economy can certainly help make art accessible to more people through its supportive network and cheaper living, working and running costs.

For more information visit their site or contact James McDonald on 02086927316.

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