Save Little London

More redevelopment to satsfy fat cat property developers and construction firms, all profiteering out of the Thatcherite/Blairite ( same thing ) PFI /PPP swizzes from ALMOs to gentrification – this time it is in Leeds.

Pathetic promises of social housing are just smokescreens for the greed of property companies, the true empties figures ( inc. second home owners, office block tax scams, destroying communites ( see Prescott’;’s Liverpool initiative for example ) and archaic land laws to protect the wealthy.


Steve Skinner, a council tenant and member of Save Little London campaign points out:

“Leeds City Council pretends it wants to regenerate council housing yet it is going to get rid of 310 council homes in Little London and 10,000 across the city. It says it has ‘consulted’ the community yet since 2000, Little London has been effectively blackmailed by the Council in an appalling undemocratic process. From ignored ballots to biased information, to bare-faced lies in public meetings, the Council has completely abused its power to rail road this back door privatisation through. What people need to ask is – who benefits from privatising tower blocks and bulldozing homes? Is it poor working class families local to Leeds, or wealthy city workers and private property developers? I think we all know the answer.”

Check the campaign out on their website:-