Squatting Helsinki

New website about squatting projects in Finland.  ( there is an English translation ).

Projekti Sosiaalikeskus


More squatting in Helsinki (February

After one month from the eviction of the previous squat, the squatters in
Helsinki took action again. An empty house was occupied at Kauppalantie 2 on
Thursday, 14 February.

This occupation was short-lived. Police evicted the house in the afternoon of
Saturday, 16 February. However, the squatters occupied another empty house
during the same day.

The new occupied house is in Herttoniemi district, address Hiihtäjäntie 1.
The house is privately owned but it’s on a land owned by the city. It is not
sure if the squatters will stay in this house or continue squatting elsewhere.


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