Land Registry Theft?

It seems pretty amazing that the media and the government tell everyone how clever and how much money the people are worth in these industries running the county. From the policies of Thatcher onwards has been a steady privatisation of public propertry and a steady increase in the fortunes of the top echelons of society at the expense of the bottom. Now, slipped through in Darlings pre budget December speech comes the disturbing news of selling of some more of state assets, disturbingly including the Ordnance Survey and the Land Registry. Presumably this is so that mulinational corporations can grab what’s left of the land they haven’t already stolen.

The governement has tried to privatise the Registry before, prompting “The Review confirmed that the Land Registry is a well-run organisation providing good quality services with which its customers are very satisfied.” 26/06/2001 Chancellors Report.

Tryue, ther have been hiccups as of the iT age type, in recent years, such as online fraud scams involving the reigstry but this would suurely be worse in the commercial sector as we have seen with all PFI/PPP schemes: expensive and corrupt.

This would be nothing short of theft ( and possibly a good post-government executive career for Alastair Darling and co. )