Dutch squatter solidarity callout

   Last Thursday, 15th October,  the Dutch parliament passed a new law making squatting a felony. Only the senate still has to vote on it’s passing now. However, with a rightwing majority, odds are effectively january 1st all squats in the Netherlands will be up for eviction. This will mark the end of an era, a carte blanche for the destruction of our social centers and infrastructure. Not to mention the criminalisation of thousands of people suffering from the housing shortage, for whom squatting has always been a legal means of acquiring a roof over their heads. 

   An occupation of parliament square during the voting ended with riot
cops charging into the tent camp and arresting about one hundred people.
Photo’s can be seen on  http://www.indymedia.nl/nl/2009/10/62251.shtml
(during the day) and  http://www.indymedia.nl/nl/2009/10/62308.shtml (the
Saturday, October 24th a demonstration is planned in Utrecht, followed
by decentralised action days from october 30th till november 1st.
We call upon your solidarity, be it at the demonstration or at the many
Dutch embassies and consulates. Show them we are everywhere, be
creative, show your dissent!

for sleeping places during the demonstration and action days, mail

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About the last demo, and some background