Occupied Proposed Tesco Site in Bristol Evicted

Heavy-Handed Tesco Bailiffs Evict
Squatters from Former Jesters. Massive Police Presence, Huge Crowd
Convenes, Road Closed For Most of Day.

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Bailiffs arrived to evict the Tesco
squatters at about 10 am on the 16th March. A large Police presence
including at least six Mounted Police arrived to ensure public order. A
large crowd assembled to support the squatters in their attempt to
resist the force majeure of Tesco?s bailiffs, who were fully equipped
with steel cutters,and a cherrypicker. Despite valiant efforts, the
squatters eventually succumbed to a relentless onslaught from the
bailiffs, whilst the assembled crowd voiced their displeasure at the
aggressive behaviour of the baliffs, who were protected in their actions
by a Police Line. The Police Head of Operations told this reporter that
this was a civil matter, and that their role was to keep public order.
The actions of all parties was being filmed, and if any criminal
behaviour occurred on either side, that this would be investigated. It
also came to light that Bristol City Council had given permission for
road closure.

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